Brilliant Voices Production House

we coach – we produce – we move

Brilliant Voices Production House

we coach – we produce – we move


there was a way that you could feel so confident, so valuable, so rich, so aware of your talents, so aware of who you are,

that you could go about realizing ANY vision you have?

cognition in union with the body is knowledge

presencing yourself in this knowledge is awareness

awareness leads you back to you

we coach

if you feel that your life and the things you want to create do not take the direction you desire, Brilliant Voices supports you in taking back control over your life’s ship

our uniquely designed systems and hands-on tools help you develop a deep connection to the forgotten reality of yourself, that resides beneath the programmed you

unraveling a missing link that we happened to stumble over in our journeys and that hardly anyone talks about, will help you gather all the necessary information to return to your unprecedented power and create brilliant realities

you will not only determine the course for your own life, you will also contribute your most brilliant gift to make our world a place worth living in for everyone

we move

we want to move things in the world

together with you we want to turn up the volume of the feminine voice as a universally caring, inclusively balancing, empathically feeling sound

with every composition, with every song, with every project, with every production, with every performance, with every creation it is our passionate desire to raise our awareness, open rooms and new perspectives on life and ourselves

we feel called to act as agents of change, as the spearhead of women’s ultimate revolution

we stand for the brilliant feminine voice unleashed

come and move the world with us

in these challenging times we are here

we produce

if you have a brilliant vision that you’ve locked away, Brilliant Voices together with you masterminds your entire production in a  groundbreaking way

with our holistic approach to producing you will uncover your inner northstar and together we will orchestrate the birth of your vision into the world

to keep your brilliant vision alive

we help you make it all happen

find your northstar within and bring your vision to life

as an all-female production company we stand for women’s brilliant voices unleashed

a heartfelt


from Marion, Natascha and Heidi

as we are facing crisis and change on a global level, we at Brilliant Voices Production House
are passionate visionairies
dedicated to support the realisation of visions that aim at evolving a world of well-being for everyone

in these challenging times we care to provide tools and resources

to support you in maintaining balance,

health, and a strong mindset

to keep your brilliant vision alive

dare to be brilliant

Your Inner Navigating System

follow your northstar within and realize your dreams

follow your northstar
within and realize your dreams

the Inner Navigating System (INS)

is at the core of our quest


explore – observe – connect


using our unique systems we coach you

to uncover your Inner Navigating System


the Inner Navigating System will help you overcome your self-limiting programis with a smile

Be Your Own Guru

stop following and be the leader of your life

here at Brilliant Voices we believe it is imperative that we reclaim ownership over our lives and creations



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visionaries: voices, artists, thought leaders, heart centered entrepreneurs

are you ready to touch the heart of millions and impact the world? tune in to your brilliant voice and know your heart’s message is worth being heard

Holistic Producing

what is holistic producing?

we use our coaching and producing skills to support you in birthing your creative visions and dreams

together we take a deep dive

not only working toward realizing your project, but right down to the motherboard of your soul

we will turn your world upside down

together we will question any assumption you’ve made about yourself, your worth, your life, your vision, your project and the world

our famous “WHO says … ” will help you toss over everything that holds you limited to less than your most brilliant YOU

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give your brilliant voice to the world

Our Services

It is our desire to make your voice heard
Your dream, your big vision matter to us

Jumpstart Your Project

get the vital kick-off to starting your project


free Dream Project Jumpstart Checklist
for a full assessment

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Re-Ignite Your Passion

pick up where you stopped text coming

Unbox Your Dream

take a full blown journey with US realizing your vision in our Brillant Voices Production House

deep dives, tears, lots of laughter and brilliant results guaranteed

we are not a quick fix but we are your sure hit

Your Brilliant Contribution

join our movement and help us build a fund to support the education of young women
every sale will help us build more feminine brilliance in the world

Cause We Care